2021 Exclusive Women’s Team Program


The 2021 Women’s Team program is designed to achieve balance between training and living with clarity and purpose. The program will focus on an integrated approach to optimize physical, mental, and nutritional systems, create a unique sense of community and add significant clarity of thinking to life’s decisions, no matter the stage of life.

Rooted in the foundational values of #Sansego, this programs is hyper focused on the individual needs of the athletes; time availability, life goals and personal passions.

Lead by Sansego Foundation Coaches, Craig Alexander and a host of experts, the Women’s Team Program delivers years of experience balancing life and triathlon.

Women’s Team Mission

To promote the sport of triathlon in a competitive and fun environment with female athletes by providing specific coaching and training plans that take into consideration issues unique to the female athlete. Each training schedule is uniquely designed based on the specific athletes age, health, nutritional needs work and family stresses and those uniquely feminine issues that sometimes appear during endurance training. To couple individual training plans with a group of like-minded athletes to increase accountability, offer support and create life-long relationships.

2021 Sansego Women’s Program Overview

This program will focus on women’s specific needs and offer individual and unique training plans. Women over age 40 is the fastest growing segment of triathlon. As you get older, your body starts changing, bone density and muscle mass start to decrease. Women can store fat more easily and every woman eventually goes through menopause bringing its own special kind of emotional challenges. As you age, aches and pains increase and flexibility tends to decrease. Your dietary needs change and ”fuel “for your training and racing tends to change. In addition, the need for recovery becomes ever more important. Many women in their 40’s find themselves juggling family responsibilities along with a being a professional in the work force.

2020 has brought the added stress of COVID-19, working from home or home schooling as the case may be. It is often at this stage of life that women tend to lose some self-esteem and look to the sport of triathlon fill a gap in their lives. This program will provide a training plan tailored to the individual female athlete that is built around available training time, goals, stresses, diet, and mental and physical well-being to help you reach your goals.

The program is available to a small number of women. Our focus is on the quality, personal time and feedback that you will receive from your coach. Just a few of the amenities included are a monthly zoom meeting with “Crowie” Craig Alexander, 5 x IM World Champion and Women’s Coach 22 x IM finisher Pam Kallio along with other “specialists” in the industry. Each athlete will have a biweekly one on one call with Craig Alexander and Pam where you can get your personal questions answered by Craig and Pam, and another biweekly call with Pam to follow up on any training and racing issues that you may have.

Who Should Apply?

Any female athlete that wants to improve and get to that next level should apply. If your racing performance is not a good indicator of your training and you are in your 40s or above, this program is for you. Our coaching and mentoring take into account your life stresses and will help you both mentally and physically to perform at your best in life and on the racecourse.

If you are female and want to get to that next level that you know you are capable of, we can help you achieve your goals. We take the mental and physical aspects into account into your training plan along with the importance of recovery and home/life/work stresses. No matter your goals or ability we can help you get to that next level you strive for.

About your coach

Pam’s bio can be found here, https://www.sansego.co/the-team/pam-kallio/ however, here are a few additional insights as to why she is an excellent coach for women. Pam did not learn to swim till age 47 and did her first ½ IM and full IM at age 47. Having had several coaches along her racing career as she aged into her 50s, she found time after time that younger male coaches could not relate to female emotions and especially the physiological changes accompanying aging and endurance training and racing. From her own experience of 20 years in the sport she has developed a balanced approach which is unique and an individualized method of coaching that will challenge you to give your best whether in sport or life.

Benefits beyond measure

In addition to the measurable benefits of having a coach that can relate to “your” specific issues you will be part of a like-minded group of women that want to excel in sport in addition to having jobs, families and other responsibilities and commitments. Networking with other similarly focused and driven athletes will give you a sense of “belonging”. Seeing teammates in the Sansego race kit at races is invigorating and motivating and can spur you on to dig a little deeper getting to the finish line. Knowing that there are others in a life situation similar to yours allows you to feel that its “ok” to spend that necessary time training. Your self-esteem and self-worth that we all need gets validated as you strive to become the best athlete you can become and in doing so also the best person you can be “sans ego”. One on one time for each athlete with 5 x World Champion Craig Alexander is invaluable in getting your personal questions answered. See more benefits below:


  • Monthly Group zoom learning session with Crowie and Pam along with other guest experts
  • Individual bi-weekly zoom call with Coach Pam
  • Individual bi-weekly zoom call with Crowie and Pam
  • Zwift sessions with Craig and Pam
  • Individualized Training Plan delivered on a weekly basis
  • Training Peaks account
  • Nutrition guidance (general & race day)
  • Training and racing equipment review and recommendations
  • Race selection and travel guidance
  • Energy philosophy
  • Family/work commitments fit withing training plan
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Individual Race plans
  • Mental toughness “Sisu”
  • Peaking for races/tapering
  • Quarterly goal assessment review
  • Injury prevention/management
  • Other aspects to reach your goals
  • Access to Sansego club and sponsor benefits
  • Discounts on Sansego sponsor products
  • Invitation to annual camp COVID-19 guidelines permitting
  • Sansego Tritex race kit at athlete discounted pricing
  • Tech T and Boco Hat/Visor

Program Cost/COVID-19

Monthly fees are $495 USD billed on the first of each month one month in advance. Based on the racing uncertainty posed by the world pandemic, athletes may cancel or opt out at any time with a 30 day notice if races or cancelled or other extenuating circumstances force a change in lifestyle. Based upon availability, the program will remain open for athletes to join at any time.

Register Now, VERY Limited Places

Still not sure why drop Pam an email and she’ll set up a 30 minute consultation.

Consult With Pam

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