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Why Train with Sansego?
July 17, 2016

Support. Individual Attention. Accountability

Check out these words from our athlete, Gladys Woods

“In my late forties I got into triathlon quite by accident. I thought I’d joined a running group but it was actually a triathlon training group,Gladys woods a sport I knew nothing about. I ‘got the bug’ as they say and even though I had no athletic background at all, over the last 10 years I’ve raced in lots of 70.3’s and Ironman events.
I’ve been working with Brett Davidson from Sansego since last year and his detailed, individually tailored programs have really fuelled my motivation. The fact that I’m a middle aged middle of the road athlete has made no difference to the level of support.
My program is continually tweaked based on my performance and fatigue in each session and although I often think what he’s set is beyond me (does he really expect me to do that much swimming!) I seem to get through it. Just when I get to my psychological and physical limit in a training block there will be an easier day or a rest day.
If I had to sum it up, what works for me training with Brett and Sansego is the unfailing support and accountability.”


From all of us here at Sansego – Great job, Coach Brett!


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