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What is Sansego helping you to achieve?
March 14, 2017

We asked this question to our Facebook followers and here are their responses!


“Consistency is the main achievement this winter.
The network of support whether it be videos, chats, training programs, has kept me on task and built a bigger base than ever before leading into a season of racing.”
Steve Ryder

Consistency is a core factor so we are pleased that we have been able to help you out ! All the best for your up coming racing season.


“With the help of Sansego, I was able to improve the result of the marathon from 4:17 to 3:50. With the help of the Sansego plan 10-12 hours a week, I’m preparing for a full Ironman and have been able to improve: now for 1 hour I swim 3 km 450 meters, used to swim only 3 km. Finally I was able to drive 190 km in 5 hours 55 minutes. Running right after the bike became more familiar! The plan itself became a huge motivation, without it the lessons were not systematic. And of course the form, I bought it and the first time I’ll wear it when I escape April 23, 2017 marathon in Almaty Kazakhstan. A huge, special thanks I want to tell Craig Alexander, for me he is the best motivator! Yours sincerely Russian triathlete Maksim Shaposhnikov. Sorry for English, I used an online translator.”
Maksim Shaposhnikov

Really happy to hear :)


“Three marathons one half ironman and ironman Madison WI”
Jim Trost

Great Work Jim :)


So, What is Sansego Helping YOU to Achieve?  Post your comments here:


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