Thiago Vinhal at Ironman Malaysia | Sansego by Craig "CROWIE" Alexander
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Thiago Vinhal at Ironman Malaysia
November 17, 2016

It has started !
or it actually started in the beginning of the year.
Thiago Vinhal turning his dream into reality.
With a 2nd place in Ironman Malaysia, he took 1600 points, and a big step towards Kona 2017.
Will he make it to Kona ?
I really think so.
Why ?
Because he is putting action behind his words.
He is doing day in and day out, what he needs to do, to make it.
So a big congrats to Thiago
Remember to be proud and celebrate
and then get back to it……to the day in and day out thing….
and yes, he was under 1 min from taking first,
but he told me that he gave it all, and i think the photo shows…




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