Matt Smith
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First name: Matt
Last name: Smith
Gender: Male
DOB: 19th Oct, 1976

Resides: Boulder – Colorado, USA
Nationality: American
Language(s) spoken: English
Time zone: Mountain Time (MT)

Qualification Awarded- Advanced Certificate
Principal Studies- Leadership Development
Institution – Harvard University

Qualification Awarded – Masters Degree
Principal Studies- Adult Education and Training
Institution- Colorado State University

Qualification Awarded- Bachelors Degree
Principal Studies- Marketing and Management
Institution- Johnson & Wales University

Coaching Certifications:
USA Triathlon Level 1
Training Peaks Level 2

Experience in triathlon: 12 years racing
Triathlon coaching: 5 years

Major coaching achievements in the sport of triathlon:
-Coach of Lauren Barnett, 3 time 70.3 champion in rookie year
-Coach of Katy Blakemore, 5 time IM podium
-Coach of Ashley Johnson, AG 70.3 Female World Champion
-Multiple 70.3 and Ironman world championships qualifiers
-Multiple 70.3 and Ironman podium finishers

Sporting achievements:
Qualifier – 4 x Ironman World Championships
Qualifier – 5 x Ironman 70.3 World Championships
Overall AG Champion- 70.3 Lake Stevens, WA
Podium and top Amateur Finishes – 30+ USA
Fastest 70.3 Finish- 4:09 70.3 Boulder, CO
Fastest IM Finish – 9:20 Ironman Canada, Penticton


Matt Smith has been actively involved in competitive endurance and multisport racing and training for over 15 years. Matt grew up as a distance swimmer competing at the state level in the 500 and 1500 free as well as riding mountain bikes and running for his high school cross country team (ranked 13th out of 14 participants).

His multisport career really started after a sedentary college experience. Upon graduating at 235lbs and deciding that he needed something to motivate him to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle, Matt signed up for his first triathlon. Since winning his first X-Terra sprint race, he went on to qualify for X-Terra National Championships, then went after a lifelong dream of completing an Ironman and switched to the road.

As an athlete, Matt has enjoyed an over 13 year triathlon career, racing more running and triathlon races than he could count on his fingers and toes. He is a 4 time Ironman World Championships qualifier and has raced the 70.3 World Championships 3 times with a top 10 age group finish. The 70.3 distance is Matt’s favorite distance and he has multiple podium finishes including being ranked 2nd in the world in the WTC rankings in 2014 at the distance. He has also won the Yolo and Steamboat triathlons setting course records in the process. Matt is a 9 time USA Triathlon All American.

Throughout his career, Matt has been committed to developing people and coaching and holds a master’s degree in leadership and personal development. He has managed university and executive leadership development programs and was one of the founders of the Center for Work Ethic Development and grew the Retül University program internationally.

Matt has been a triathlon coach for five years and is USAT and Training Peaks certified. As a coach,Matt is a firm believer that the athletes do the work and his job is to help them maximize their potential and his athletes do so regularly. He has coached multiple age group champions including a HyVee overall amateur title and 70.3 World Championships overall title. He also works with professional athletes Katy Blakemore (2nd place Lake Placid 2013) and Lauren Barnett (3 x 70.3 champion in rookie season).

His extensive background in leadership and personal development, coupled with a firm grounding in coaching practice lends a unique perspective in working with high performing athletes. Matt has an understanding of where stressors come from in life and how to maximize performance given multiple responsibilities and time constraints.

Coaching Philosophy:

To partner with goal oriented athletes to help them accomplish their goals by setting a realistic training plan that integrates with their life vs. dominating it.

Philosophical Statements:
1. Coaching is a co-active relationship between coach and the athlete, we know more together. I work with the athlete to develop a race schedule and training plan that fits with their lifestyle and progresses with their ability level.

2. My role is to show an athlete they can do more than they think they can. I will provide support and motivation to get them to stretch their limits, yet set realistic goals and benchmarks in the process.

3. I will strive to keep an athlete injury free. Plans are built with proper rest and recovery included. I listen to how athletes are feeling physically and mentally and adapt accordingly.

4. Direct communication is key. I will always respond to athletes in an honest, consistent, timely manner.

5. Multisport is a lifestyle. I model a healthy lifestyle and encourage athletes to think about training as a life long endeavor vs. a short term goal. The sport should be hard work, but fun at the same time.

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