Kaisa Jakobsen
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First name: Kaisa
Last name: Ilvesmäki-Jakobsen
Gender: Female
DOB: 10th October, 1963

Resides: Mallorca Spain, Copenhagen and Denmark
Nationality: Finnish
Language(s) spoken:: Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Italian, English, German
Time zone: Central European Summer Time (UTC/GMT+2 hours)

M.D in sports and science
Cert. sportsnutrition specialist
Run instructor in pose-method

Nutrition and training expert, has been helping many PRO IM winners, world record owners and world champions, with their nutrition analysis and development

World Champion/IM World Championchip/Hawaii AG 55-59 2018
IM World Championships Hawaii 3 x podium 2009/2011/2019
15+ Ironman
ITU long distance world champion 2013/15
Norseman extreme triathlon Black t-shirt 2018
Many time danish long distance and half distance champion in triathlon & wins in different IM races.

Triathlon/running/personal trainer
Nutrition specialist in Sansego.co
owner/founder of nextlevelcamp.com


Spending my youth doing track & field in Finland gave me some very good work ethic, and an early love for training. It has stayed with me until this day.
Going to the sports university in Finland, put even more fire into my passion for sports, and with a M.D in my hand, I started as a teacher of physical education.
Later the passion for endurance sports grew, and marathons, mountaineering and long days on MTB, became the foundation for 2 things.
My start in triathlon and my passion for food as a support for the training and racing in endurance sports. 15 years later, I still love the sport, and with further education in sports nutrition, I spend my time, helping athletes from beginner to the very high elite, to let food be a positive part, of their life and performance.
And I am still racing…….because I still love to train and test myself.

“See you out there!”
Kaisa Jakobsen

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