Frank Jakobsen
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First name: Frank
Last name: Jakobsen
Gender: Male
DOB: 3rd Dec, 1966
Resides: Mallorca Spain, Copenhagen and Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Language(s) spoken: Danish, Swedish, German, English, Italian
Time zone: Central European Summer Time (UTC/GMT+2 hours)

High Performance Triathlon Coach
Cert. Pose Run Instructor
Cert. Exc.Stress Coach
Cert. Retul Bikefitter (800+ & 1++ IM 1st fits)
Former elite swimmer
Multible ironman/70.3 racer & Transalp MTB guide

Working from a ground breaking performance method, that defines the 10 important areas that all has influence on high performance

As Coach & High performance advisor PRO athletes:

  • HPAover a decade for 5 x world champion Craig Alexander
  • Multible male and female PRO Ironman winners and podiums
  • Multible Ironman national records
  • Norseman Extreme Triathlon World Champion
  • ötillö Swim-run World Champion
  • 2nd fastest PRO UCI Hour record in the World
  • AG results:

  • Multible ITU long distance World Champions
  • Multible Kona World Champions and podiums

  • Multible natonal 1/2 and full distance Champions
  • frankgalleryBio:
    As the founder of a ground breaking training method, that has a unique track record, I spend most of my time, in search of all the things, that can help you.
    To lift to your next level, and reach your goal.With 15 years in triathlon, I have specialized myself into the art of personal training, starting from the clients current level, and working on every aspect, that can provide a positive step towards the final goal.Always being crazy about sports, I spent my young age in the water, as an elite swimmer. Later I moved into the mountains, guiding clients across the Alps on MTB, Mountaineering in higher mountains, gave me knowledge on the altitude adjustments, and the effects it has on our body.
    With this knowledge and together with experts, I have developed effective protocols for altitude training both in the real altitude and also by use of altitude tents/machines.

    Coming from management and leadership in the business world, and with personal tests showing outstanding scores on empathy and drive, the turn into the coaching of elite sports persons was a natural step.
    After a short time of working with athletes of all levels, I broke away from the standards of just physical training programs, and started to research and build knowledge, talking and working with different experts, in search of building a more holistic training philosophy.
    This way and method now has an impressive track record, with 90% of my athletes reaching their goals, from pro IM titles to just making it through their first race.

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