Chris Pilone

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First name: Chris
Last name: Pilone
Gender: Male
DOB: 24th May, 1957

Resides: Auckland, New Zealand
Nationality: New Zealander
Language(s) spoken: English
Time zone: New Zealand Standard Time (UTC/GMT+12 hours)

Experience in triathlon: 25 years
Triathlon coaching: 17 years

Major coaching achievements in the sport of triathlon:
Coached four New Zealand Olympians (Hamish Carter, Nathan Richmond, Kris Gemmell 2012 and Ryan Sissons)
Coached Hamish Carter to Olympic Gold medal in 2004.
Has also had two stints in assisting coaching Jo Lawn.

Sporting achievements:
Former distance runner with 2:16 marathon PB.
Also 29:32 for 10km and 14:07 for 5km.


Professional Coach since 1997.
Although Chris has a high profile in New Zealand as a triathlon coach, he is also a very successful running coach. Of males he has coached a 2:12 marathon runner, a 3:38 1500m runner and a 13:32 5km runner. They have all been Olympic or Commonwealth Games representatives.

Of women he has coached  a 4:05 1500m and 1:59 800m runner. At longer distances a 32:41 10km and 73:08 Half marathon runner.
Chris is now a keen cyclist and recreational fisherman.

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