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Swissman Ironman Distance Triathlon
June 26, 2016

A monumental achievement by Sansego athlete Cameron Hamilton on Saturday in conquering the Swissman Ironman distance triathlon. Read the below from Cam’s sister, Dawn, and you will see this is no ordinary Ironman. A just reward for dedicated effort to both the prescribed training, and the race plan. Very proud Coach Matt.

Dawn Hamilton: “I can’t possibly put into words how proud of and amazed I was by my big brother, Cameron Hamilton, yesterday. he tackled (and successfully so one of the most extreme ironman races in the world, the SWISSMAN, in the most horrendous weather conditions, and still finished with a smile on his face.

In short, heavy thunderstorms beginning around 4am (for a 5am start time) forced the swim (his strongest leg) to be cancelled and replaced with another run, pouring rain made an already extremely dangerous 180 kilometer bike ride through the alps even more insane than it already was, and the final leg of a marathon ended with a 10k hike (literally) up a mountain. 15 hours of pushing the limits of the human body to the utmost degree. The paltry 1/2 mile I managed when I attempted to run with him for a bit (although, it was uphill, & I did start behind and had to catch up to him … I get some credit for that, right?) comparatively, seems like a total joke, or maybe it speaks more to how sadly out of shape I am … but I am so very glad and truly honored that I was able to be here to support him, cheer for him, and get to be the resident team photographer of the day.

Truly, I have never seen anything more amazing in my life than these ironmen & ironwomen who became swissmen & swisswomen yesterday. Watching people reach that finish line was unbelievably and overwhelmingly emotional. Not just with my brother, but with the couples, the women, the national flags proudly held up on that final approach, the tears, the shouts of victory, the expressions of pride (and often the sheer amazement at their own willpower) … it was absolutely captivating and contagiously powerful.

Oh yeah, and there was a crazy haircut involved”.


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