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Spend Some Time Reflecting
February 11, 2017

It is February…..are you on track?

If not, then do something, but maybe something else than another training session

what then?

I have spend a good part of January, reflecting on 2016.

What went well?
Why ?
and how to build further on that, and expand it?

What did not go to plan and hopes?
what to change?
and how to secure it?

The point is, take some time, where you really think deep about it
Think out of the box
Be honest
and then when you have nothing more in your own brain, go to the 1-2 persons that you respect for their thinking
and best persons, are those that don’t think like you

remember to take notes along the way
and then get concrete

next week i will show you a method that is very very good, when you need to get concrete
until then
spend some time reflecting …… real time.

Sansego Coach Frank….reflecting

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