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Speed laces in your run shoes?
July 6, 2016

Speed laces in your run shoes? These can be less than speedy if they don’t secure your feet properly. Obviously you want to secure your feet without strangling them, and creating pressure points. But a loose shoe doesn’t foster stability and power delivery into the ground. For many years I have used regular laces with a toggle, in preference to elastic laces. Former top Ironman pro and all-around good guy, Jason Shortis, sometimes used to tie his laces in T2. Recently I have found an elastic lace brand that gives me the foot security I demand, but I always rate foot security/stability in the stance phase of running, and the ability to deliver power, much more highly than shaving 5-10 seconds from my T2 time. And not just the material you choose, but HOW you choose to lace, can impact your foot security in your shoes. Coach Matt.

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