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Sansego Camp in St. John´s / Newfoundland / Canada
August 3, 2017

The Sansego Experience visited Newfoundland, the most eastern part of North America, for a private training clinic with the TNL Tri Club. In attendance were Sansego coaches Frank Jakobsen, Matt Smith, and 5x World Champion Craig Alexander. St John’s Newfoundland was an amazing place with great people.
Really enjoyed it. Here are a few pics of the experience.

Sansego Camp in St. John´s / Newfoundland / Canada is a wrap.
Litte did i know, that there was a passionate and happy triathlon community in this place. Now i know.

What great people, felt so welcome from the time i landed until last minute. Thank you Newfies… are great hosts.

And yep…i formally became a local Newfie, by eating something strange, kissing a frozen fish and drinking something very strong…
The “fisherman” that held the ceremony was a genius.

To visit the most eastern point in North America, see Orca´s and whales swimming close to the shore was just a great bonus.

-Sansego Coach Frank

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