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Sansego Athlete Ryan Brown Race Result
August 17, 2016

A big congratulations to Sansego athlete Ryan Brown, coached by Matt Smith.

Ryan just emailed us to let us know of his latest race result. Here are his exact words below:

“Hey Team,
Just thought I would shoot you an update from the race this past weekend!
Another victory for me and that now makes it five in total!
Olympic distance with 1500m swim, 46k bike and 10.6k run. The weather conditions were the hardest conditions I’ve ever raced in here with winds of 38-57km/h, 16deg C temps and rain! Not the conditions to set a course record or have any fast times on either leg of the tri but finished stronger enough to beat my next competitor by ~5:30 mins! I had the fastest swim time, fastest bike time and second fastest run time of the day. My little guy even came out to see his old man win the race!!
Matt had me firing at the race just to let you know! In a great place right now 9 weeks out from IMLV. Here are a few pics attached from the race. Successful results from another one of your Sansego Athletes!”

Ryan and his wife just had a little boy about 6 weeks ago and he came and watched Ryan win the race (That’s him in the photo)
Why is Ryan holding up the number 5? It was Ryan’s 5th win at this race, incredible.

Great work Ryan



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