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Sansego athlete Roberto Kelly
January 6, 2019

Great way to start the 2019 for Sansego athlete Roberto Kelly – racing KingKona Rally MTB – good way to build some Strength/Endurance – and keeping the mind happy!

“I was proud to dress the Sansego uniform in the MTB marathon race “Kingkona 2019” this January 6th. 87km across the hilly roads of the forest companies in El Maule region of CHILE. Training in Sansego with Coach Armando Galarraga has being about looking for real experiences, leaving sometimes the trainer and the treadmill, permanently challenging myself an my fears. I weighed a hundred and twenty kilos when I started doing sports nine years ago, and now with 87 kilos I’m dreaming big with the help of my coach and Sansego. I wish a happy 2019 to all the Sansego crew!! And keep helping others to live happy through sport and dreaming with being more everyday day!”

Roberto Kelly

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