Miami 70.3 | Sansego by Craig "CROWIE" Alexander
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Miami 70.3
October 27, 2017

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you get until you open it. Forrest Gump, you are the clever one.

Miami 70.3 was that box. It was exciting and sweet, the hard way.
1 Pro Male lost the swim, but kept the head cool, and was rewarded with an overall 4th place, great race Vinicius ! Great !1 Pro Male Jesper that took the chance on the bike and blew up, nice try, good learning for this young athlete, and we love when out athletes dare to try, good style.

1 Pro Male in top 10, after a bike crash 1 week ago,
great fight MF, good comeback, future looking good again.
1 AG 2nd place, and what a race he had.

Big congrats to Richard Rozok, that was a great day, you always give your best.

and then our own Sansego Kaisa decided to give it a shot and was rewarded with AG 2nd place also. What can we say, always racing hard. Real Hard.

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