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October 5, 2016

Posts made my Sansego Coaches and Athletes over the Kona race weekend in Hawaii.

Sansego Coach Frank Agerbo Jakobsen

“more hawaii
getting the last prep done
and Kona is like always
hot, windy, burning sun, just what you want for a Championship
a real test
Sansego coach Frank ( from the shadow cooling off.)
kona-1 kona-2 kona-3 kona-4














So proud and amazed to see the Sansego coaches in action at IRONMAN Hawaii last week. These were the last men standing at the Argon 18 party #endurance

#letstalkaboutyour2017season #contactus








Not every day this happens. Specially in Kona.
Jean Christophe Guinchard had a plan to win his AG in kona this year.
That became a tuff goal, when a doctor orders, slowly became a heart operation early this year. Game over ? No Way.
Well….you try, you qualify, and then prepere with respect of the heart.
Now comes the good part
When he see on race day that the top spots are out of reach, he does what ?
He wait for his soon, and the run together, the do the magic energy lap and final run on Alii Drive together.
Mabye that became even bigger that winning his AG ?
I think so….
And by the look on him…and his soon, it became a moment for life.
Once-in-the-lifetime-gretting Sansego Coach Frank









Sansego Coach Matt Koorey


“Sansego athlete, Howie Nordström…excited for the big-dance in Kona.”











“Sansego athlete Howie Nordström brings it home in Kona.

Great job, Howie.”

kona-8 kona-7 kona-6








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