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Jean-Christophe Guinchard’s Road to Kona
October 20, 2016

well…..maybe this is worth the read….even it is a bit long.
when jean christophe Guinchard when on the plane to Kona
with family and friends, he had both sons with him.
One of them, Loic, was also qualified, and going to race.
Now JC is not your average kona qualifier
with a 2nd and a 3rd place in Kona already done, the goal from the start was to win….that being said, winning is not easy.
Only problem was, that during the winter, his heart started to do things that a heart is not normally doing.
Long story short….Heart surgery and Kona dream gone ?
Nope. JC is not the average. And so he took the kona slot and went on to prepare.
2 days after arrival in kona, he got sick. Like fever and all.
But we where lucky, that he arrived in Kona i time, and with a very alternative taper plan, he went down on DigMe beach Saturday race morning, ready to race.
well…..kind of. Because the sickness had take to much out of the body, and after 80k on the bike he knew, “today is not the day”
and now it is SANSEGO TIME
because instead of being unhappy about this, his focus and mind very fast turned to his son, and when i meet him on the way out to energy lap, he was all smiles
because he had seen him, and now he would run energy lap with him, and finish together.
His ambitions meant nothing anymore
When i see the video, i know that the choice on that day, made totally without thinking of his ego……
that choice gave him a finish line run with his son,
a thing he will never forget.
JC….i look forward to 2017
Kona is still there, but even winning it one day, will not come close to what you got this time. I am sure of that.
– Proud Sansego Coach Frank

Watch the video HERE



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