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It’s Time for Ironman Brasil
May 28, 2017

I wrote this on Saturday evening, never got it posted, and now the race is over.
But it is still valid, and now with a happy end ……

“It’s Time for Ironman Brasil.
let me just tell you about one athlete
that perhaps you don’t read about in the pre-race media.
Thiago Vinhal
2 years ago, he was number 14 in the pro field
Last year, he was number 11 in the pro field
This year?
The team at Sansego hopes Thiago will continue his performance trend at this weekends race in Florianopolis
Why ?
Three reasons: 1) he is a very nice person. 2) He is putting in enormous training efforts and 3) his goal is to become the first professional male with darker skin color to race in Kona
and this means a lot to him
and therefore, it means a lot to us
Sometimes it is just more than just sport.
From the whole team at Sansego and Coach Frank,
Best of luck to you Thiago on Sunday. ”

so now the race is actually over.
Thiago did a perfect race, in a time of 8.11h
Took a fantastic 5th place, and is almost sure to go to Kona.
He raced with more heart than i have seen in a long time.
Proud Sansego Coach (and friend)


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