– A bike trainer is a great tool where you can complete very effective training in an efficient way – even when you just have 45 min at your disposal.


– It is great to have a bike trainer where you can measure the effort in some way – whether it be in watts, or a level indicator on the trainer. If your body temperature is rising too fast or goes too high your mind will try to ”protect” you, and will try to shut down your ability to push hard. It will try to lower your body temperature, making some of the sessions hard to do right. So cool down….the right way!


– Position your bike trainer so that you have a ventilator that cools you down. You want your sweat to evaporate from your skin, cooling you. You don’t want the sweat to be running of your skin as this indicates that it is not cooling you as much as it could.


– A trainer session is very efficient. This also means that when you do one of these sessions, a 60 min session will count for approximately 80 min on the road.


– We have kept the sessions short and effective. If you want to make them longer, you can normally just repeat the main set once or even twice more, but doing the warm-up and the cool down just once. On the very high intensity sessions, we recommend that you don’t repeat these sets too much.


– In conjunction with this, be careful that you don’t get cold/chilled from having a window open (draft) on one part of your body – use a fan instead.


– Avoid using the phone, television or any other device that might become a distraction – keep focused on the workout.


– If music motivates you, great – use it. But let your eyes rest, and let your mind focus on doing a good workout, good movements and positive energy to be used when you need it – during the intervals.


– With the sessions we have provided you with, we believe that your training will be fun, hard and rewarding.

My team and I wish you good training, and from that, a good race next time!

Craig Alexander the team of coaches at Sansego.

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