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How to paint your own Mona Lisa
December 22, 2016


Madness, I thought. That we have this awesome body and sometimes we don’t know how to use it…The human body is something that always intrigues me…

During my time in a sport renowned for its secretacy, I have been given unfettered access to some of the world’s best athletes. From working, training and living with them, this access has allowed me to hone in on my training methods and to get more of an understanding of what it really takes to reach this kind of level, and set Course Records year after year and the ultimate World records.

I’m getting to a point where I feel like I am more of a writer or a painter than actually a Coach – more and more I have been isolating myself in places where I allow myself to think quietly and avoiding distractions….This has made me realise that when I start working with a client/athlete I feel rather than just writing a program and sending it to them, that I am actually helping them to write their own “chapter” in life or “painting” their own Mona Lisa. Everyone has their understanding and direction of where they would like to be. I believe I can offer assistance and passages of how best to reach the destination the final page. We can have many books we want to write and we can have many pictures we want to paint. Each are made up by YOU the person, the author and the artist.

I call it my Mona Lisa – 2009 the year that Crowie defended his Hawaii Ironman title – I had the huge opportunity to train with Crowie the last 12 weeks of his preparation, I wrote every single session down with as much detail as I could – I saw what an athlete is capable of doing to be the BEST and I thought I would wrote my own Mona Lisa – and off course then seeing him winning that year – it validated that the program worked.

This sport is becoming like many things in life, too much information all over the place, from the internet, the local clubs, magazines and training partners…..the list goes on and on. But the reality is that Triathlon is just: Swim, Bike, and Run….a very simple concept. 3 things that we did as a child without thinking too much about it. We did it just for fun, we followed the joy which all three disciplines bought us.

I believe we are over thinking things, we are getting lost in TRIATHLON. Each session is important and has its place, but sometimes the athlete gets carried away The numbers, The data, The distance and they are missing out on the most important thing, what our body is truly telling us.

So the question is: How to paint your own Mona Lisa or write your own chapter.

Step 1. Motivation always needs to be present– deep inside yourself.
Step 2. Find a realistic goals in the short term. Every milestone reached is a victory
Step 3. Commit…and don’t over think it.
Step 4. Start with mini-steps, each step leads you to the final dream
Step 5. Think about the mini steps without actually thinking about the overall goal.
Step 6. Worry only about the things that you can control and forget about things that you cannot control
Step 7. Do the best each day (according to your own situation)
Step 8. Follow your own program, be persistent
Step 9. Give 100% effort if you want to achieve your dreams
Step 10. Start painting or writing your own Piece of Art.

Coach Armando Galarraga


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