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Hard work pays off!
May 22, 2016

Patrik Nilsson shows that patience and long planning is the way to do it.


I need to write some background stuff, to make it clear.
After a successful 2015, with 5th at ITU long dist. and a IM win on home ground in Sweden, breaking the Swedish record, on a day with very tuff swim conditions, all was set for an end of season race in IM Cozumel……but stomach problems made a race lead by km28 into a DNF…. tuff end of season when you are 24 years.

Time off Christmas.
And then……

Instead of starting to chase a podium or even a win,
just to fix your mind, to confirm that you are good, no no…
The long a hard work started to again improve the power on the bike, after that already lifted in 2015.
2015 also gave a new girlfriend and a move to Copenhagen, new company and the desire to make all work.

this means that you do a lot of your training,
in Copenhagen, in the winter.

Lets make this short…..

If you can do that, then you are really tuff !!!! And Patrik is.
(a few trips to Playitas on Canarie Island also helped….)
Now we just throw in a small run irritation/damage.
And up on the elipse and into the aquajog we go…..
Now it cannot get more tuff (read boooooring)

Now we finally get to race, but not in full race shape, and we are mid april………5th….and stilllllll things to work on.
Now we work hard again.

Patrik NilssonSo today 22 May, Patrik wins the 70.3 Barcelona race.
With a very strong ride on a really hard bike course,
and a master move on the run with 4k to go.

So a big congrats from me, and I hope his way shows you
that patience and hard work pays off!
ON what ever level you train and race!

But of course… need some of the raw tuffness and desire to race well, that this young swede has…..
But many have it inside, just go and find it,
just make the right choice when it gets hard.

Proud and impressed,

Coach Frank

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