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Going For The 1 Hour!
January 12, 2018

Some impressions from yesterdays attempt on the danish 1 Hour Record, a project we have worked on for a long time.

To sum it up, we ended up with some things that we knew would make it hard to beat the record

– the current record set by a very very strong rider
– a track that is not among the top fastest in the world
– a little off season = it is winter here now)
+ some things that were hard to fix and where more on the luck side
= weather = air pressure (went from 4 weeks low to a mild high pressure)
= the temperature in the velodrome, where they did not know if we could make it so high, because of the difference between outside temp and in.

We have been, and would up to the last minute work on all fronts, to optimize all we could, to get the best odds.

All i can say is, that Martin Toft Madsen is a fantastic athlete.
He could keep his believe and calm, even we knew that those factors were against a new record.

So on a Thursday night in Ballerup Super Arena.
Martin became one with his bike for 1 hour
(i know, sounds a little too romantic, but that is what if takes !)
He beat the old record of 52.311 meters
He went 52.324 meters
13 meters, 0,0275% faster or 0,7 second.
At this level, that is what it comes down to.

Thank you Martin, for a perfect 1 hour
Thank you, Mads for setting up a very fast bike
Thank you, Simon Dam Hansen and your team.

Sansego coach Frank

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