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Do you have a plan?
November 22, 2016

If not, this might be he time to make one,  and here is how you do it:

1.) What turns you on ? And I mean with your sport!
What goal really makes your feelings rush, and puts a smile on your face ?
Well, this might just be the right goal.

2.) Are you at a place in your life where you can reach for the goal?
Check time ! Check family ! Check job ! Check money !
And last but not least check your level mentally and physically, are they close enough.
If yes, go ahead. If not, adapt the goal one or two steps down.

3.) Focus !
Write down the 5 most important things, you need to do, to reach your goal.  If you can move towards concrete actions, that you do monthly, weekly or even daily, then you are just getting better odds on your side.

4.)  Make a time line. Use a calender.
Put the things that you know will happen, and that are important, that has nothing to do with reaching the goal.
Now put the periods where you actually have time to focus and push harder, towards your goal.
Put also your focus/acitons into the calender.

5.) Now go back !……
Look at the year that just passed.
What did you learn, that has value, to the plan you just made ?
Adapt the plan a final time.

Now you are good to go, and with better odds on your side –
have fun!

-Sansego Coach Frank


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