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Do you have a open mind?
July 20, 2016

Do you have a open mind? Still learning?

3 Dont´s & and 3 Do, please do.

Happy again to be working some days in Boulder with
Craig Alexander, I got a good reminder and surprise yesterday.
Walking in on a strength/movement/core session.

So yes….with instructor, it was full on.
And so, I got a good reminder, to always keep the mind open, to always look for that person, that moment, that book, that moment in a race, that moment in a normal training session, when you see something, and … think….and you learn and think new !

and with that lesson fresh in mind, here it is:

1. Don’t do like you have always done (if you are looking at your longterm plan and goals.) You are never the same as last year, and not even like 6 months ago.

2. Don’t copy others – Unless you can talk with them, and they actually are trying to achieve the same as you, and are in the same state as you on many points (and don’t let your coach do it either, it has to be made for you.)

3. Don’t get so cleaver, that you think you know it all.  That is the time you stop learning
(there is a reason you have 2 ears and 1 mouth)

1. DO take you time to make a clear goal and find the 3 most important things you need to work with and to do, to move in the clear direction of that goal

2. DO trust the plan if you (and your coach) have spend time making it. Big results takes time and big commitment

3. DO all you can, and that your family – friends are OK with.
It is the effort and the pride in trying new things that is the worth it.

The result –
Well, I think the result has some good odds of being good like this.

-New Thinking Sansego Coach Frank Agerbo Jakobsen

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