Our goal is to enhance your training and racing experience and to elevate your lifestyle through fitness.
As our name Sansego suggests, this is more about you than us.

Our coaches understand that you are busy with family, work and other commitments and therefore the training is customized to reflect this. The coaching is tailored to each athlete's age, ability, training history, time availability, lifestyle and other relevant personal circumstances to make every session count.

We have six of the best triathlon coaches in the world, located across the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Having both male and female coaches with a variety of languages spoken, we have the ability to cater to a variety of individual needs to help you to achieve your goals.

You have the ability to select your coach (see below) or be assigned a coach from the Sansego team.

Who is a coach for?
  • Are you looking for new direction and support?
  • Are you unsatisfied with your current results?
  • Do you keep making the same mistakes?
  • Are you looking to improve?
  • Are you injury prone?
  • Are you time poor and need better structure?
  • Do you require constant support and mentoring?
  • Are you looking for that extra 1%...
Benefits of a coach:
  • Customization...tailoring training to your needs.
  • Providing motivation
  • Holding you accountable
  • Implementing structure
  • Feedback & Support
  • Building confidence through preparation.
  • Intensity...they will push you to new heights.
  • Achieving your goals
Access To Craig Alexander's Coaching Team
You will have access to Craig Alexanders’ team of coaches that have guided him to 5 x Triathlon World Championships.
In total they have over 30 years’ experience in the sport of triathlon.

“We have brought together a core group of people, my team. These are people that I have utilised and leant on throughout my career to advise me on everything from training, racing schedules, diet, recover protocols, technical analysis, and many more elements of coaching and performance. Now we are making them available to everyone in the triathlon community. I believe these are some of the best coaches in the world."

Craig "Crowie" Alexander
5 x Triathlon World Champion
Frank Jakobsen
Coach of numerous Ironman & 70.3 Champions (pro & age group)
Chris Pilone
Olympic Gold Medal Triathlon Coach (2004 - Hamish Carter)
Matt Smith
3 x 70.3 Champion Triathlon Coach (2004 - Lauren Barnett)
Brett Davidson
World Championship Coach & Crowie's Training Partner
13 x IM Finisher Triathlon Coach
Kaisa Jacobsen
13 Years as Sports Nutrition Adviser
Personalized Coaching from one of our coaches:
Initial Consultation:
Meet with you in person, online, skype, phone or email. Training history review (if available) The coach will review your personal history, health, fitness levels, lifestyle, work commitments, time availability and goals (short & long term).
Season Planning:
We will work with you to formulate a complete training and/or racing plan for the season. This will include training cycles/phases as well as races/events.

Your coach will adapt your training to your individual time schedule/lifestyle to provide a complete personalized program.

Review & feedback of your progress frequently.

Your coach will become your "consultant" for everything triathlon related. Areas such as:

  • Training
  • Nutrition (general & race day)
  • Equipment
  • Travel
  • Family/work commitments
  • Sleeping
  • Racing
  • Mental preparation
  • Peaking for races/tapering
  • Race selection
  • Injury prevention/management
  • Other aspects to reach your goals
access to your coach:
  • Email, phone, skype and/or in person.
  • Interaction via your Training Peaks account.
  • Whatever methods work best for you...the athlete.
Retul Bike Fit:
  • A one time FREE Retul bike fit with the platinum package. Find your fitter
  • A Retul bike fit optimizes your position on the bike for comfort, performance and injury prevention..
Sansego Training Peaks Account:
  • Access to a Sansego Training Peaks premium account. To learn more visit
  • This is the portal where your coach will prescribe your sessions and analyse your data.
  • Training Peaks is accessible via computer, tablet and mobile devices.
Nutrition Analysis:
  • A one time complete nutrition analysis by our qualified expert.
  • We will completely analyze your nutrition intake over a 10 day period.
  • You will be provided with written feedback as well as an online Skype call to further discuss with our nutritionist.

This is a self-awareness/personal development service focused on helping you better understand the way you're wired (your Instinctive Drives®) and then how to adjust your training and racing regime to match your own individual style or I.D™.

This will also give you an insight into the very same approach Craig uses to ensure he trains and races in the way that best works for him (rather than simply copying what works for someone else or blindly following another person's advice).

It's crucial that you have a formula that works for you, and that the key support folks around you understand this aspect of your approach as well.

Indeed, each Sansego coach understands their own I.D. and factor yours in to how they work with you as well. This is actually one of the unique elements of the Sansego approach...coaching that is specifically tailored to you – mentally as well as physically and technically.

Basically, your I.D. identifies exactly what you need to be at your best including your needs, talents and vulnerabilities. It will also outline strategies for how you can operate at peak performance consistently.

Access to the Sansego Club:

You will get FREE access to the Sansego community platform.

This includes a range of features:

  • Triathlon library (access to our extensive training and racing tips)
  • Private forum (access Craig, the coaches and other members)
  • Social interaction (interact with other members online globally)
  • Team video sessions (interactive sessions with Craig and the team)
  • Competitions / Giveaways

A range of camps will be held across the world.

At these camps you will have complete access to Craig.

These will be catered to all levels and abilities.

Priority access to camp tickets 10 days before the general public.

Discounts on all camp tickets.

Discounted Sansego Apparel:

Coaching clients will have special discounts on Sansego products and apparel.

We have partnered up with Trimtex to deliver the premium quality Sansego Performance Range. Once you become a coaching client you will have exclusive discounts to the performance range.

Many of our athletes are already racing in our kits throughout the world.

1-On-1 Coaching Packages AVAILABLE:
Min. 6 months commitment
Min. 3 months commitment
Min. 3 months commitment
Initiation Consultation
  • Meet with you in person, online, skype,
  • Training history review (if available)
  • Your coach will review your personal history, health, fitness levels, lifestyle, work commitments, time availability and goals (short & long term)
Personalized Coaching

Your coach will work with you to provide a complete personalized program.

Training Sessions

Delievered via Training Peaks (Coaching Software)

4 Week Blocks
2-4 week blocks
1-4 week blocks
Training Progress Review

Your Coach will review your sessions and communicate through your Training Peaks account

Real Time Access to your coach

Phone, Skype, In-person Whatever works best for you!

Once a month
Training Peaks Account

A FREE account provided to you.

free basic account (valued @ $99)
Sansego Club Access (valued at $25/month)
  • Access to our extensive triathlon library
  • Private forum access to Craig and the coaches
  • Monthly video interaction with Craig
  • Train LIVE online with Craig and the team
  • Group meetups with Craig and the team
  • Connect with other members around the globe
Sansego Discounts

50% OFF all Sansego training programs & training videos.

10% OFF all items in the Sansego Performance Range.

Sponsor Discounts

Normatec Recovery Products.

15% OFF Argon 18.

Selected Hypoxico gear.

Newton USA and Australia only.

Trimtex Sansego line.

Retul Bike Fit ($300 value)

A one-time FREE Retul bike fit with a qualified Retul bike fitter.

Nutrition Analysis ($350 value)

A one-time complete nutrition analysis by our qualified expert.

Personality ID test ($250 value)

A one-time self-awareness/personal development service by our

price (per month)
USD per month
USD per month
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Frequently asked questions
What level of athlete do I need to be in order to be coached?
We welcome people of all ages, levels and abilities to the personalized coaching arm of Sansego. Whether you are a first timer, weekend warrior, an experienced age grouper, or a professional athlete, our coaches can work with people of all levels.
Do I get to choose my coach?
Yes, you can either choose your preferred coach, or be assigned a coach by the Sansego team.
Once I have purchased a coaching package, how long does it take till I get access to my coach?
You will get access to your coach within 48hrs, but most of the time they will reach out to you within 24hrs. As soon as the payment is complete you will be sent two emails, one with a link to an athlete questionnaire which MUST be filled out, and another with the receipt of your purchase(s). If you do not receive these emails after 10-15 minutes then please remember to check your junk mail.
How long does coaching go for?
Coaching can be provided to you for whatever time period you need, whether it is for 3 months or an entire season. We do have a minimum commitment of 3 months. The coaching service is a month to month service. You will get access to a coach while you are paying this monthly payment.
Why is there a 3 month minimum term for coaching?
Personalized coaching is an in depth process. We believe that it takes 3 months for the coach and the athlete to work effectively together in order to make sufficient progress.
How much access will I have to my coach?
This depends on what coaching package you have selected. Please review our coaching package options at
Is Craig Alexander coaching?
Yes, but Craig is only coaching a few selected professional athletes at this stage.
If I want to cancel my coaching service, how do I do this?
It is very easy to cancel your personalized coaching service. Simply send us an email to and tell us that you would like to "CANCEL YOUR COACHING SERVICE" or you can just tell your coach. We will then cancel your coaching service asap.
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