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Chris Kemp at 70.3 Couer D’Alene
June 27, 2017

is Chris Kemp happy with 4th place in 70.3 Couer D’Alene
this past weekend?
Yes!!! With Hanson pulling out a 1.11 run to win, the very strong Tim Reed in 2nd and former winner Andy Potts in 3rd, you can only be happy, to be close to them.
AND….because this is his second race of his comeback,
and with a 2nd and a 4th so far, it is a real comeback.
What is more, he is super happy to be back, meeting old friends at the race, and giving it all he can on the day.
He is a true athlete.
Here at Sansego, we look forward to more exciting racing this year,
Congrats on another good performance, Sansego Coach Frank


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