Challange Lissabon | Sansego by Craig "CROWIE" Alexander
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Challange Lissabon
May 7, 2017

Chris Kemp is back.
with a super race performance in Challange Lissabon
taking 2nd overall with a 3h44min race.
we are so happy and proud in Sansego about this.
But it is actually not about today !
We are proud because he never gave up.
His way back from a very bad Achilles injury has been very long
(2 years !) and it takes a big heart and strong mind to keep pushing on, even when you don’t know it you will ever race again.
It takes a home, friends, and family, and a team to cover back.
We are happy in Sansego to be a small part of this, because it reminds us, what is so great about this sport.
Thanks Kempy, for never giving up ! all the best for the next races.
Sansego Coach Frank

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