Chall Norway 1/2 | Sansego by Craig "CROWIE" Alexander
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Chall Norway 1/2
September 7, 2016

Congrats to Jesper Svensson
a 4th place in Chall Norway 1/2
first money win as a pro
first bike split of the day
and the numbers can keep comming.
i am not so interested in the number for now
i am very interested in Jespers next race
i am very excited about Jespers future
i am very happy to work with a person like Jepser
a lot of things that are right
a lot of good signs flying in the air
a lot of heart and soul
before it get to sweet, lets get back to training and relaxing hard
70.3 Rügen coming up
-Proud and not surprised Sansego Coach Frank


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