• Training with Crowie in Melbourne
    September 29, 2017   
    Afternoon session with @crowiealexander and @bodyologypps down in Melbourne. Good trainer session at altitude and a gym session to finish off the day. Some of [...]
  • Updates with Craig Alexander and Coaches
    June 14, 2017   

    The show is about to start here at the ETU in Denmark and Craig Alexander and Sansego Coach Frank are excited and we are so […]

  • Training Tip – Wetsuit
    March 7, 2017   

    Coach Frank gives great advice on getting back in the ocean and training in a wet suit – Watch Here

  • Wetsuit Tip
    July 1, 2016   

    Wetsuit Tip: Sometimes we are genuinely anxious about the swim leg in a triathlon. And sometimes we make it even worse because our wetsuit is […]

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