• Passion Fruit Smoothie
    February 9, 2017   

    Healthy Recipe   Fresh juice recipe of the day. Oranges, fresh mint, passion fruit, lime and carrot. #thermomix #mywiferocks  

  • What should you drink during a race?
    November 26, 2016   

    Do you think water is the best to drink in race ?? We have a new thing for you, and it is better.   Click […]

  • Yummy and healthy recipe of the day
    March 31, 2016   

    Also a favorite lunch in this house ! Zucchini (grated, salted and moisture squeezed out) Grated potato Grated sweet potato Feta cheese An egg or […]

  • Green Juice Recipe of the day
    March 23, 2016   

    We received many requests for more green smoothies and juices… so here’s another Green juice recipe of the day Kale Spinach Mango Apple Lime   #sneakinginthegreens […]

  • Green Smoothie of the day
    February 28, 2016   

    Green Smoothie recipe of the day Baby spinach Lime Cucumber Green grapes Bean sprouts Avocado Handful of almonds Water     Full of vegetables and […]

  • Healthy Decadence Smoothie
    February 15, 2016   

    Healthy Decadence Smoothie Frozen banana Raw cacao powder Almonds 1 avocado Milk 1 min in Thermomix or good blender.             […]

  • Food glorious food…
    July 9, 2014   

    By Joanna Lawn and Armando Galarraga. What is the right stuff? Well everybody has different likes and dislikes, and for sure food is one way […]

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