• Training recap this week
    September 21, 2017   

    Some days it’s good to hit the road on the road bike and soak up the K’s at an aerobic tempo. Some days it's good […]

  • Are you on Track?
    March 5, 2017   

    Are you on track? If not, this might be for you. A very simple way, to steer the effort in the right direction Sansego Coach Frank […]

  • Renewel Series with Sansego Coach Matt Smith
    February 20, 2017   

    It’s the time of year to reflect on last year, rest, renew and re-imagine 2017. Join coach Matt Smith over the next 10 weeks for […]

  • Spend Some Time Reflecting
    February 11, 2017   

    It is February…..are you on track? If not, then do something, but maybe something else than another training session what then? Well….. I have spend […]

  • Do you have a plan?
    November 22, 2016   

    If not, this might be he time to make one,  and here is how you do it: 1.) What turns you on ? And I […]

  • Remember your Family
    November 20, 2016   

    For some it is off season, and for some the race season is full on. No matter what, remember your family and friends, let them […]

  • Running with POWER?
    November 17, 2016   

    A great insight from coach Frank about “Movement Beginning in the Head” Click Here to watch the video               […]

  • Building energy during winter training
    June 23, 2016   

    It’s winter here in Australia and I really like this video from my fellow Sansego coach, Frank Jakobsen. I especially like the lines “If I […]

  • Smile
    July 9, 2014   

    By Joanna Lawn and Armando Galarraga. Yeah right, easy to say but hard to do!!!  But why is it, why can’t we always smile? After […]

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