• Training by the ocean!
    March 23, 2018   

    The ocean on one side and the bush on the other. Training in Sydney has its benefits!

  • 1 Hour Record Attempt
    December 19, 2017   

    Martin Toft Traning hard for the attempt on the 1 Hour Record One step closer after this morning’s good session Sansego Coach Frank – Speed […]

  • Training with Crowie in Melbourne
    September 29, 2017   
    Afternoon session with @crowiealexander and @bodyologypps down in Melbourne. Good trainer session at altitude and a gym session to finish off the day. Some of [...]
  • Training recap this week
    September 21, 2017   

    Some days it’s good to hit the road on the road bike and soak up the K’s at an aerobic tempo. Some days it's good […]

  • Weekend Training Fun
    August 26, 2017   

    Hitting the road early with a few TT’s on the bike. What’s your weekend training look like?                 […]

  • Enjoy the ride
    April 14, 2017   

    Can you enjoy the ride, and work on something, that might give you a better race, at the same time ? Ohhh Yes. Take a […]

  • Renting Bike Tips
    February 16, 2017   

    There are more and more places to rent bikes when attending training camps.  Watch John Dennis and Sansego Coach Frank Jakobson discuss the best tips […]

  • Training for Climbs
    January 10, 2017   

    Coach Frank discusses training in a higher cadence for tough climbs. Click here to watch the video:                 […]

  • Mountain Training
    November 23, 2016   

    Going on a training camp where there are mountains ? Or do you have the luxury of mountains in your area ? Here is some […]

  • Bike Descending with Sansego Coach Frank Jakobson and Matt Smith
    September 16, 2016   

    CLICK HERE to watch a primer on bike descending skills on the famed Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, AZ with Sansego coaches Frank Agerbo Jakobsen and Matt Smith! […]

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