Annie Thoren and Jesper Svensson at Challange Turku | Sansego by Craig "CROWIE" Alexander
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Annie Thoren and Jesper Svensson at Challange Turku
August 13, 2017

There is something special about working with young talents.
When i think of what was behind today’s results, i am full of admiration of these 2 talents.
Annie Thoren takes her first podium with a 3rd place in Challange Turku, and keeps getting better and better.
Jesper Svensson changed his run legs with 2 pieces of weet wood 2k before the finish and saw his 1st place slip to a very strong Dylan, sooooo close, so close. A great 2nd place.
But these 2 are young, and very far from their potential still, and so today was a great day, and i know that more will come.
Because i know what was behind today’s great performance.
2 great persons hard and dedicated work.
Thank you for a great day, it was a great effort, all the way.
Coach Frank

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