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1 flying day and 1 hard lesson
January 27, 2017

1 flying day and 1 hard lesson
first…congrats to Annie Thoren
To be so young, and to make such a hard but good call, and to pull out after the 90k bike, that is what a future champion does. Period.
The stuffed nose, was more than just that, and as hard as it is, when you have prepared well and love racing, there is just nothing to do in a high profile race like this, when the bodys shows you, that it has sickness on the way.
So again, congrats on the effort and good thinking.
That is the hard lesson of the day.
Getting to the start line 100% ok, is always the first main goal…

The flying ?
I takes a lot to impress me, it really does.
But when young talent Jesper Svensson
pulls a 3.46t race = 6th spot
swims together with the great Javier Gomez
and puts the hammer down in a 100% fair and non draft race
to put a 2.04 bikeride and backs it up with a pre agreed 1.15 run
well…..just one of those days….and well deserved !
and a pretty impressed Sansego Coach Frank

So congrats to both Annie and Jesper, you are great !
today in 2 different ways, but really great.

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