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  • Great day at Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney
    December 2, 2014   

    Dayna Davidson dominated her age group and won the 40-44yr women age group in a time of 4.43, 2nd was over 15mins behind. Dayna also […]

  • Recovery and adaptation
    November 28, 2014   

    By Chris Pilone. Stress plus rest equals adaptation. It sounds like a simple statement, but it is the most ignored training principle. How many athletes […]

  • Running technique and economy
    July 23, 2014   

    By Chris Pilone. Running technique is a much debated topic. It is also a very much debated topic in the triathlon world. Despite some success […]

  • The big day
    July 15, 2014   

    By Chris Pilone. “And Now for Something Completely Different” was a quite famous Monty Python movie. Sadly this is how some athletes approach race day […]

  • Periodization and planning
    July 15, 2014   

    By Chris Pilone. A couple of days after the one two finish of Hamish Carter and Bevan Docherty in the 2004 Olympic Triathlon in Athens […]

  • Smile
    July 9, 2014   

    By Joanna Lawn and Armando Galarraga. Yeah right, easy to say but hard to do!!!  But why is it, why can’t we always smile? After […]

  • Rest is important
    July 9, 2014   

    By Joanna Lawn and Armando Galarraga. Well things have finally settled down and I have fully recovered from Ironman Taupo.  It is funny, as even […]

  • Health is everything
    July 9, 2014   

    By Joanna Lawn. For me my life so far has pretty much been sport, sport and more sport.  This is nothing wrong with that….I love […]

  • Food glorious food…
    July 9, 2014   

    By Joanna Lawn and Armando Galarraga. What is the right stuff? Well everybody has different likes and dislikes, and for sure food is one way […]

  • A super effective way to train your core
    July 1, 2014   

    By Frank Jakobsen and Kaisa Jakobsen. This session is called the Sansego TRX! Key points: – When you take 2 of you 4 fix points (2 […]

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