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  • Superfast Camilla Lindholm
    June 20, 2017   

    She is back! Superfast Camilla Lindholm With a fantastic performance and the 2nd place in 70.3 Pescara Becoming a mother for the 2nd time in […]

  • Another Happy Sansego CEO Athlete
    June 19, 2017   

    Another Happy Sansego CEO Athlete: Sansego Athlete Since December 2014. 2015: Main Goal Finish a Full Ironman under 10 hours.✅ 2016: Qualified to Kona. ✅ […]

  • Canadian Sprint Distance Championships
    June 18, 2017   

    Congrats to some of our athletes picking up some medals at the Canadian Sprint Distance Championships at Ottawa and qualifying for the World Champs. We […]

  • Annie Thoren just did one of those things
    June 18, 2017   

    Annie Thoren just did one of those things, that confirm my admiration and believe in this great talent Vattern Round = 300k ride, with a […]

  • Updates with Craig Alexander and Coaches
    June 14, 2017   

    The show is about to start here at the ETU in Denmark and Craig Alexander and Sansego Coach Frank are excited and we are so […]

    June 12, 2017   

    GOLD AND SILVER Claus Leinoe & Jean-Christophe Guinchard at AG 50-54 in European Champs 1/2 distance Herning. but for me, it is actually 2 x […]

  • Marcos Faria at IM Brasil 2017
    June 2, 2017   

    Another Happy Sansego Athlete – Marcos Faria(Brazilian/Vegan) Marcos Farias: Fastest Age Group Swim at IM Brazil 2017. We did a private 10 days Camp – […]

  • Thiago Borges Ironman Brasil
    June 1, 2017   

    Thiago Borges: (Brazilian) – PB for 45min in 1 year. – Triathlete Since July 1st 2015. – Thiago went from learning how to swim and […]

  • Pamela Espinoza Breaks 10 Hours
    June 1, 2017   

    Pamela Espinoza : (Chilean) – 4th Female from Chile to Break 10 hours Sansego athlete since January 23rd, 2017. Her main goals were to break […]

  • Team Bravo Triathlon
    June 1, 2017   

    When there is a good reason, remember to celebrate! Team Bravo Triathlon had a good reason on Sunday. here are not only the 2 superstars […]

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