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  • Challange Lissabon
    May 7, 2017   

    Chris Kemp is back. with a super race performance in Challange Lissabon taking 2nd overall with a 3h44min race. we are so happy and proud […]

  • Love For the Sport
    April 19, 2017   

    There are some people that just love the sport. Like Christian Kemp. Nov. month, 2014, and Kempy put down a sub 3.40h in Mandurah 70.3 […]

  • Enjoy the ride
    April 14, 2017   

    Can you enjoy the ride, and work on something, that might give you a better race, at the same time ? Ohhh Yes. Take a […]

  • A Look Back at the Medellin, Colombia Experience
    April 14, 2017   

    We had a great time in Colombia! Such an awesome country and awesome culture. Can’t wait to get back there and do it again. We […]

  • how can he do it still ? and at this high level ?
    April 1, 2017   

    how can he do it still ? and at this high level ? that is the question i hear many times. Here is one of […]

  • A look back at the Canyon Ranch Experience
    March 27, 2017   

    If you have been to a Sansego Training Experience, you know that Craig (CROWIE) Alexander doesn’t just show up and shake a few hands and […]

  • What is Sansego helping you to achieve?
    March 14, 2017   

    We asked this question to our Facebook followers and here are their responses!   “Consistency is the main achievement this winter. The network of support […]

    March 12, 2017   

    CROWIE GOES 2ND IN 70.3 SUBIC BAY I will just put up the top 10 with their times and I have only one comment : […]

  • Training Tip – Wetsuit
    March 7, 2017   

    Coach Frank gives great advice on getting back in the ocean and training in a wet suit – Watch Here

  • Are you on Track?
    March 5, 2017   

    Are you on track? If not, this might be for you. A very simple way, to steer the effort in the right direction Sansego Coach Frank […]

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