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  • What is Sansego helping you to achieve?
    March 14, 2017   

    We asked this question to our Facebook followers and here are their responses!   “Consistency is the main achievement this winter. The network of support […]

    March 12, 2017   

    CROWIE GOES 2ND IN 70.3 SUBIC BAY I will just put up the top 10 with their times and I have only one comment : […]

  • Training Tip – Wetsuit
    March 7, 2017   

    Coach Frank gives great advice on getting back in the ocean and training in a wet suit – Watch Here

  • Are you on Track?
    March 5, 2017   

    Are you on track? If not, this might be for you. A very simple way, to steer the effort in the right direction Sansego Coach Frank […]

  • New Zealand IM
    March 4, 2017   

    Keep up with Coach Brett at the NZ IM FB Live #1  FB Live #2 FB Live #3 FB Live #4 IM NZ update with […]

  • Coaching Experience with Frank Jakobsen
    March 1, 2017   

    Some great feedback from one of our Sansego athletes Fred Ernani Moura Marques who was getting coached by Frank Jakobsen. “During all the time I […]

  • Own your Destiny
    February 25, 2017   

    Great article that highlights 3 things you can do in life (and triathlon) to own your destiny. At Sansego, we focus on the whole athlete […]

  • Renewel Series with Sansego Coach Matt Smith
    February 20, 2017   

    It’s the time of year to reflect on last year, rest, renew and re-imagine 2017. Join coach Matt Smith over the next 10 weeks for […]

  • Husky
    February 18, 2017   

    Great to see plenty of Sansego athletes out racing today in Husky! Crowie is out on the course cheering you all on 👌 What else […]

  • Exciting Partnernship with Canyon Ranch
    February 16, 2017   

    We’re super excited to offer the only one on one training experience with our new partner Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ. Learn a little more…. […]

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