• Training Tip – Wetsuit
    March 7, 2017   

    Coach Frank gives great advice on getting back in the ocean and training in a wet suit – Watch Here

  • Are you on Track?
    March 5, 2017   

    Are you on track? If not, this might be for you. A very simple way, to steer the effort in the right direction Sansego Coach Frank […]

  • Renewel Series with Sansego Coach Matt Smith
    February 20, 2017   

    It’s the time of year to reflect on last year, rest, renew and re-imagine 2017. Join coach Matt Smith over the next 10 weeks for […]

  • Renting Bike Tips
    February 16, 2017   

    There are more and more places to rent bikes when attending training camps.  Watch John Dennis and Sansego Coach Frank Jakobson discuss the best tips […]

  • Spend Some Time Reflecting
    February 11, 2017   

    It is February…..are you on track? If not, then do something, but maybe something else than another training session what then? Well….. I have spend […]

  • Passion Fruit Smoothie
    February 9, 2017   

    Healthy Recipe   Fresh juice recipe of the day. Oranges, fresh mint, passion fruit, lime and carrot. #thermomix #mywiferocks  

  • 2017 Consistency is the name of the Game
    January 17, 2017   

    I always find myself a bit overwhelmed at the start of each year not only with my personal goals but also with all aspects of […]

  • Training for Climbs
    January 10, 2017   

    Coach Frank discusses training in a higher cadence for tough climbs. Click here to watch the video:                 […]

  • What should you drink during a race?
    November 26, 2016   

    Do you think water is the best to drink in race ?? We have a new thing for you, and it is better.   Click […]

  • Training through the festive season?
    November 25, 2016   

    Some parts of the world are currently training in their off season… Here is some advice from Crowie himself! Click Here to watch the video […]

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