• Melbourne Training Camp Coming in October!
    September 28, 2018   

    Attention Melbourne Triathletes – Crowie Is Flying Your Way! Craig (CROWIE) Alexander is considered to be one of the best of all time. With a […]

  • Well deserved Brownie – See you in Kona!
    September 11, 2018   

    What a great journey Newfoundlander Ryan Brown has been on with coach Frank Jakobsen. Well deserved Brownie – See you in Kona! #Sansego https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/longform/ironman-is-a-family-affair

  • How late can I do changes to my bike position before a race ???
    June 22, 2018   

    how late can i do changes to my bike position before a race ??? if you will be training on the bike 3-5 times a […]

  • Training by the ocean!
    March 23, 2018   

    The ocean on one side and the bush on the other. Training in Sydney has its benefits!

  • Athlete of the Year – Thiago Vinhal
    January 1, 2018   

    Thiago Vinhal is awarded the title “athlete of the year” by the acclaimed MundoTri in Brasil. If I know Thiago well enough, he will smile […]

  • 1 Hour Record Attempt
    December 19, 2017   

    Martin Toft Traning hard for the attempt on the 1 Hour Record One step closer after this morning’s good session Sansego Coach Frank – Speed […]

  • Erich Manser and Sansego Coach Matt Break Record!
    October 7, 2017   

    Always impressive to see records be broken! Way to go Erich Manser in breaking the Visually Impaired Ironman record today in Maryland. Sansego coach Matt […]

  • Thiago Vinhal Qualifies for IRONMAN Hawaii!
    October 5, 2017   

    We are so proud of not only the Brazilian legend Thiago Vinhal who has made incredible gains in his performance the last few years to […]

  • Training with Crowie in Melbourne
    September 29, 2017   
    Afternoon session with @crowiealexander and @bodyologypps down in Melbourne. Good trainer session at altitude and a gym session to finish off the day. Some of [...]
  • Thiago Vinhal in Kona
    September 24, 2017   

    What about the heat in Kona ? Well….today we took a look at what it does to Thiago Vinhal and i was not surprised……. He […]

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