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  • Training recap this week
    September 21, 2017   

    Some days it’s good to hit the road on the road bike and soak up the K’s at an aerobic tempo. Some days it's good […]

  • Training in Brazil
    September 6, 2017   

    Great to be back in a fantastic place….Brazil and now getting to know the capital Brazilia, and the training here. But the best is to […]

  • Weekend Training Fun
    August 26, 2017   

    Hitting the road early with a few TT’s on the bike. What’s your weekend training look like?                 […]

  • Sansego Camp in St. John´s / Newfoundland / Canada
    August 3, 2017   

    The Sansego Experience visited Newfoundland, the most eastern part of North America, for a private training clinic with the TNL Tri Club. In attendance were […]

  • Want to run faster?
    July 21, 2017   

    Want to run faster? Strengthen your core like the 44 year old IRONMAN Hawaii World Record Holder. Learn Craig Alexander’s ageless performance techniques at a Sansego Experience

  • There is only one way to train for the hardest triathlon race on the planet
    June 26, 2017   

    Only one way to train for the hardest triathlon race on the planet get out there and train on the route, no matter what conditions… […]

  • Updates with Craig Alexander and Coaches
    June 14, 2017   

    The show is about to start here at the ETU in Denmark and Craig Alexander and Sansego Coach Frank are excited and we are so […]

  • Give yourself some good odds !
    May 27, 2017   

    Give yourself some good odds ! Thiago Vinhal has done this, up to his big race tomorrow sometimes he sleeps more sometimes he takes a […]

  • Love For the Sport
    April 19, 2017   

    There are some people that just love the sport. Like Christian Kemp. Nov. month, 2014, and Kempy put down a sub 3.40h in Mandurah 70.3 […]

  • Enjoy the ride
    April 14, 2017   

    Can you enjoy the ride, and work on something, that might give you a better race, at the same time ? Ohhh Yes. Take a […]

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