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  • Miami 70.3
    October 27, 2017   

    Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you get until you open it. Forrest Gump, you are the clever one. Miami […]

  • Erich Manser and Sansego Coach Matt Break Record!
    October 7, 2017   

    Always impressive to see records be broken! Way to go Erich Manser in breaking the Visually Impaired Ironman record today in Maryland. Sansego coach Matt […]

  • Jeff Scarella with a top 10 Finish
    September 15, 2017   

    Congrats on a top 10 finish to Sansego athlete, Jeff Scarella. A well executed race and consistent training day after day lead to great results! Click Here to […]

  • Molly Smith at Ironman 70.3 World Championship
    September 12, 2017   

    Ironman 70.3 World Championship Podium and top 5 amateur female position, PhD Candidate and Full Time, 40+ hr a week job. It’s not just about […]

  • Jesper Svensson goes all the way
    September 5, 2017   

    Just 1 week after winning 1/2 Dist. Tjön in his best time ever of 3.44h He becomes SWIM-RUN WORLD CHAMPION and to top it off, […]

  • Jesper Svensson in Challenge Turku
    August 26, 2017   

    Just good style from Jesper Svensson He did not stop at his 2nd place in Challange Turku. Nothing stops him. Racing today in Tjøn / Sweden, […]

  • Giuseppe Cavallo at Bintan 70.3
    August 21, 2017   

    Super work from Sansego athlete Giuseppe Cavallo who had a great race at Bintan 70.3. In only a short time with Coach Ben, he managed […]

  • Our own Kaisa Jakobsen at Challenge Turku
    August 14, 2017   

    Our nutrition expert and female coach had a go at it today. What a race she pulled off in Challenge Turku / Finland. Congrats to […]

  • Annie Thoren and Jesper Svensson at Challange Turku
    August 13, 2017   

    There is something special about working with young talents. When i think of what was behind today’s results, i am full of admiration of these […]

  • Annie Thoren at the Europe Cup
    August 6, 2017   

    Pay ATTENTION…TO THIS NAME….. Annie Thoren Because she is young and hungry, and in the middle of her process to become a 70.3 and IM […]

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